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The Center's Happenings:

For all events and activities click here for the calendar. | Click here for County Events

During the year we have several events that are important to both the Center and the community. Be sure to keep up with what is going on and support these events with your presence, your influence and your resources... after all, remember who we are doing these things for... the children. 

2010 Circles of Hope Telethon is Sunday, August 15, 2010.  The team of hosts this year included: Doris "Cousin Tuny" Freeman, Stan Perkins, Tom Britt, Keli McAlister, Conrad Delaney, Benji Wood, and Jimmy Hoppers.  This group will interview  special guests, introduced entertainers, give updates of amounts pledged and recognize contributors.   

Through the Eyes an Employee…..

When I started working at the Center in December of 2005 I never dreamed I’d see so much child abuse. I had no idea that child abuse happens every day in West Tennessee … even in the smallest of communities.

I never dreamed I’d see a little boy with a broken collarbone at the hands of his father or a teenager with scars from his father’s belt … scars so shocking that he hides them from his peers in gym class.

I never dreamed I’d see a little girl who has been victimized by so many of her mother’s boyfriends that law enforcement removed her from the home.

I never dreamed I’d see so many grandmothers raising their grandchildren because mom and dad are addicted to meth or cocaine or heroin. I also never dreamed I’d see so many babies born addicted as well.

I never dreamed I’d meet a little girl who wouldn’t call her mother Mama anymore because she had hurt her so many times she didn’t deserve the title.

I never dreamed I’d sit in court until 8 o’clock one night watching a beautiful blonde 6-year-old girl clutching a teddy bear as she testified against her stepfather for the atrocities he had done to her. Daddy was sentenced to 25 years in prison for a case so horrific an area pediatrician uses it as a teaching tool.

And I certainly never dreamed I’d meet a baby that had been thrown across a room so violently that she passed out when she struck the wall. I kept her two days later when her grandmother went to court to ask for custody. I played with her and kissed on her as her eyes sparkled from the attention she’d been craving. As I held her I realized that she wasn’t responding to my voice. I began speaking louder, clapping my hands behind her … all to no avail. When the baby’s grandmother returned, I told her that I feared she might have some hearing loss.

 Three weeks later I got a call from the grandmother’s attorney. That sweet, precious baby girl had permanent and complete hearing loss from the abuse. One minute she was a perfectly healthy baby … the next … deaf for the rest of her life.

I never dreamed I’d see the things that I see every day at the Carl Perkins Center. If you could see what I see … it would change your life forever.

 I support the Carl Perkins Center because of the children I see every day … children with broken spirits, broken bones, broken hearts. I give so that I can dream of a world where child abuse doesn’t exist and all children live happy, safe lives. I give because I believe in a better world. I give because I believe in the Carl Perkins Center.

 Janeane Moore  Office Manager, Chester County

How Can I Help?

Give: Making a gift is a personal and active way to help. Giving demonstrates that YOU believe in who we are and what we are doing to help children. It also shows that YOU want to be part of making a difference in your community. No matter the size, every dollar raised allows us the opportunity to continue to offer services at no cost to children and families.

Watch: The telethon airing live on WBBJ TV, Sunday, August 16, from 1:00 p.m., to 10:00 p.m.  You will see some great area talent and become more aware to what the Carl Perkins Center does in your community.

You can also see the telethon on our website, click here to see Carl Perkins Center TV.



Toll-free, 24-hour crisis hotline: 1-800-273-4747

General Information: 731-668-4000 - email
General Mailing Address: Exchange Club Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse - P. O. Box 447, Jackson, TN 38302